Advance Certificate in PV Technology and Business Management

2300MW Grid connected Solar Rooftop Systems targeted by 2022 in Karnataka

Install Grid connected Rooftop Solar Systems on your roof in residential, commercial, Industrial buildings and Institutions and make your roof your own power house. Meet your electricity requirement and the excess electricity can be fed to the local grid and earn revenue.
1. Custom duty concessions and excise duty exemptions.
2. Accelerated depreciation benefits for industrial and commercial buildings.
3. 30% Government subsidy for non-commercial and non-industrial categories for using domestic solar panels.
4. Avail Bank Loan as a part of Home loan/Home improvement loan.
5. System Aggregators can avail loan from IREDA at concessional interest rate (9.9% to 10.75%).
6. Avail loans under priority sector lending upto Rs. 10 lakhs for individuals.

1. Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Save Money.
2. Payback Period:5 - 7 Years.
3. Sell Your Own Green Power and Earn Money.
4. Make Mother Earth a better place to Live!

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New Solar Rooftop Policy for 2018-19

Finally, after a wait of more than one and half months, Solar Rooftop Policy is out in Karnataka State. Before we go through the total content about the policy, let's go through the important points in the new policy:
  1. The generic tariff, for grid-connected solar rooftop power projects, is at Rs.3.56 [Three Rupees fifty-six paise] per unit (without capital subsidy) and at Rs.2.67 [Two Rupees sixty seven paise] only per unit (with capital subsidy)
  2. The above tariff shall be applicable to all such new solar power projects for which PPAs are entered into and approved by the Commission after the date of issue of this Order, that achieve commercial operation on or after 01.04.2018;
  3. The tenure of the PPA, shall be for life of the solar power projects i.e., twenty-five (25) years;

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